Celebrate Good Times- New Casting at Celebration Theatre!

Great news! Rebekah has joined the cast of Celebration Theatre's first show of the 2016-2017 season. "Charm" written by Phillip Dawkins, directed by Michael Matthews.

Previews: Sept. 4, 6, 7 Opening: Sept. 9
Closing: Nov. 13
Performances: Thursday-Saturday @8pm, Sunday @2pm
Venue: Celebration Theatre @ The Lex

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Meet the newest member of The Actors' Gang!

After over a year of study, I was offered an associate membership into The Actors' Gang.  Located in Culver City, CA, the company started by a bunch of UCLA graduate/punk rockers over 34 years ago has produced classical, political, satirical, absurdist--you name it, they've done--in their own style.  And The Style is the name of the game.  Taught to The Gang by George Bigot (prronounced Bee-go) of Theatre du Soleil and transformed of the years, The Style consists of the utilization four emotional states Joy, Fear, Anger and Sadness along with a mix of Viewpoints (Anne Bogart), characters from Commedia dell'Arte and improvisation as the process in which they develop theatrical productions.  The company tours productions internationally, produces free Shakespeare in the Park every summer, and has a diverse array of training programs, mostly notable The Prison Project.  

Possibilities are endless in this community and an artistic home is such a wonderful gift!  Thank you AG!  I look forward to many new experiences, adventures and hard work!


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PETA Controversy!!!


One of my improv students at Second City Hollywood works for PETA.  She rounded some folks up to do a few PSAs and this is mine.  The old dog in this video could not be more sweet.  He was also SOOOOOO hot.  Midsummer in Silver Lake (Los Angeles) with production lights.  Ooof!  But, it's PETA, afterall, so the elder gentleman took lots of breaks.  

Check out the PSA but also the comments on both YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsIcqxlKdFs) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/official.peta/videos/10153572734539586/) to see just how irrate folks got about this.  HINT:  watch it until the end.  And if you are not an animist, then watch it again to figure out who we left.  Methinks some folks didn't get the twist.

BTW:  this is the most magical furry friend you'll ever see.  Meet Mary Jane Watson.  THE.  BEST.  DOG.  EVER.

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Teaching with Lesly Kahn Institute

What an amazing opportunity!  A student at the Lesly Kahn Institute, Rebekah has been asked to use her comedy writing background to create in-class writing workshops to aid actors in finding their own creative voice and generating work for themselves.

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Journey with The Actors' Gang

New discoveries.  New adventures.

Returning to her live theatre roots, Rebekah begins training with the renowned Los Angeles theatre company, The Actors' Gang.  Their signature form, The Style, is a mix of improvisation, the Anne Bogart/Tina Landau technique, Viewpoints and Commedia del Arte.  Visceral, emotional and physical, this has already been an amazing journey.  More to come.

To learn more about The Actors' Gang, go to www.theactorsgang.com

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Fitness fun on ABC Family's "Melissa & Joey."

Rebekah taped a workout scene with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence along with other boot camp ladies.  Had a great time on set!

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Appearance on the new CBS sitcom "The Crazy Ones!

Rebekah had a blast working on the very first day of episodic season on the brand new CBS sitcom "The Crazy Ones."  The cast and crew could not have been more welcoming or fun!  And Robin Williams kept everyone cracking up and feeling great!


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More Than A Mouthful Podcast Launches on iTunes

MTAM banner

Rebekah and fellow comedienne, Aimee McKay co-host a new health and wellness podcast that discusses weighty issues.  Ample and fiesty, these broads say what's on their minds and don't hold anything back!

Subscribe on iTunes:


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If you enjoy, tell your friends!

If you love it, tell an agent!

If you are an agent, has anyone told you that you look absolutely handsome/fetching?

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Donate to get 'Molly's Brand New Bag' funded on Indiegogo!

Rebekah Walendzak stars in 'Molly's Brand New Bag' written and directed by Lisa McFadden.  

Help fund this comedic short film by visiting http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/336623!



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Rebekah Walendzak publishes new website

Welcome to Rebekah Walendzak's official website. Here you will find all things from the world of Rebekah Walendzak.
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