After over a year of study, I was offered an associate membership into The Actors' Gang.  Located in Culver City, CA, the company started by a bunch of UCLA graduate/punk rockers over 34 years ago has produced classical, political, satirical, absurdist--you name it, they've done--in their own style.  And The Style is the name of the game.  Taught to The Gang by George Bigot (prronounced Bee-go) of Theatre du Soleil and transformed of the years, The Style consists of the utilization four emotional states Joy, Fear, Anger and Sadness along with a mix of Viewpoints (Anne Bogart), characters from Commedia dell'Arte and improvisation as the process in which they develop theatrical productions.  The company tours productions internationally, produces free Shakespeare in the Park every summer, and has a diverse array of training programs, mostly notable The Prison Project.  

Possibilities are endless in this community and an artistic home is such a wonderful gift!  Thank you AG!  I look forward to many new experiences, adventures and hard work!