One of my improv students at Second City Hollywood works for PETA.  She rounded some folks up to do a few PSAs and this is mine.  The old dog in this video could not be more sweet.  He was also SOOOOOO hot.  Midsummer in Silver Lake (Los Angeles) with production lights.  Ooof!  But, it's PETA, afterall, so the elder gentleman took lots of breaks.  

Check out the PSA but also the comments on both YouTube ( and Facebook ( to see just how irrate folks got about this.  HINT:  watch it until the end.  And if you are not an animist, then watch it again to figure out who we left.  Methinks some folks didn't get the twist.

BTW:  this is the most magical furry friend you'll ever see.  Meet Mary Jane Watson.  THE.  BEST.  DOG.  EVER.